Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More from Costa Rica

We will be sad to go home!! Costa Rica has been amazing, and we have loved it here!!

This is a coati, at the Monteverde Reserve. I guess he believes it is important to recycle too!! We saw a few coatis, they were pretty fun to watch. One of them decided to drink all of the hummingbird food!!! Must have been some sugar rush!

Then these are some teeny tiny orchids flowers!! We saw them in a garden that a man showed us. He also cut us some fresh sugar cane! We always thought orchids were big, but these were tiny and that's saying something for us!

Most of all, Costa Rica is just amazingly beautiful.
We will be back! Pura Vida!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Buy Fair Trade

We got to go out with this group of people from Earth Watch. They were doing work in coffee farms. We like coffee. But we'd never seen a coffee plant before. They are pretty. W learned a lot while we were there. We learned about how you grow coffee and how you pick it and roast it. We learned about where to buy and sell coffee, and we learned all about Fair Trade Coffee, shade grown coffee and bird friendly coffee. Birds are good for coffee! And shade grown coffee is also good for the coffee, it makes it taste better. Otherwise, even though it grows faster in the sunshine, it makes it go bitter. Blah.

So you really need to buy Fair Trade Coffee, like Cafe Monteverde! We went to their store and talked to the people there, it was so fun!
You can buy good coffee through the Santa Elena Coop too! We liked it and bought lots for gifts for Christmas! We were in Santa Elena and got to meet many of the people who worked with the Coop and the coffee farmers. It was really special and we loved to be with them.
Please buy the Fair Trade and bird friendly coffee. It is not only very good coffee, but it helps make life better for people everywhere. Next time you go shopping, ask if your favourite coffee or tea is fair trade.

Another place we went to was the CASEM cooperative. This was a special place where local women in the Monteverde area make arts and crafts by hand. They are beautiful ornaments and clothes and decorations!! It has also been a very good thing in the lives of the women in the community and allows them to make good things and sell them at fair prices.

We have learned so much in Costa Rica, and met so many kind people. It's a good place for otters to go - it's a good place for anyone to go! Pura Vida!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hola!!! We are in COSTA RICA!!!!!

Ann had to come here for work, and when JM said he was going too, we knew this was a party we had to be a part of. :-) And then Ann's whole family decided to go!!!!
Costa Rica is awesome! Yeah! It has, like, everything here.
It's Sooooo cool. We saw toucans and monkeys and hummingbirds as big as us and and and.....

Check out these ants!! They were by our room and they were coool!!! See, they take these big pieces of leaf and carry them back to their house! And then, the leaf grows this yucky fungus, but it's ok, cause the ants like it!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Moving time!

Yup, we are moving again! Off to a new otter pond!!!!
We packed up all our favourite stuff, our best clams and our toy boat. :-) New pond, here we come!!! We think this one is going to be much closer to .... the pool!!!!

Everyone has been lending a paw to make sure we get things moved safely. We had to take apart Ann's desk! Perdita decided that she better take control of that. Parts of the desk were really heavy!!! She worked really hard with Ann for a few days. We made sure the bed was made and comfy. And had lots of tea for Ann. But not the sweet tea. She still doesn't like that. Yeah.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Check out our cool Halloween jack-o-lanterns! :-) We are very happy with them.
Halloween was so much fun!! We hung out with our puppydog pals at a party. We also met up with Mr Incredible!!! And Pukka, a lady bird and Ellen DeGeneres, who seemed to be 'partying' with the puppies... hmm.

Well we had lots of fun and yummy candy!!! :-)