Tuesday, June 20, 2006

On the road again

Hi! We can't add any photos this entry, cause we're in Chicago! Only for a bit. We're in O'Hare. Typing away! We're off on another adventure!!! Can't tell you where yet. But boy, is is a good one.

So we're in the airport. Ho hum. There's lots of stuff to do here. Our plane from Detroit was little! It was a crazy morning. We were up late, packing. We ran off this morning to get some movies to watch. And some food. We were up watcing TV and baking cookies kinda late too... but we got to pack cookies!! Yummy! Not as good as the fudge, but good.

They do otter massage at the airport! Wowhee! They say it's very relaxing. But expensive! And hey, we travel light. And we usually have good seats. :-)

Pip wants a doughnut, we gotta go. Mmm. Very sleepy. Maybe after the doughnut we can nap. YAWN. Nap would be nice.

Do be do be doo.. on the road again!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Fudge, Please

So more stuff we did at Mackinac! We checked out the local tourist attractions.

Some of them are scary.

We posed with the monuments.

We tried to get up close.

We called our Mom.

We brushed up on our history! This is the Fort. You can see everything! We stormed the fort. Ha ha! Betcha never saw us coming. We otters can be sneaky! ;-)

We sampled the fudge. There's LOTS of fudge!! Wow. We tried the mint fudge, peanut butter fudge, chocolate cherry fudge, chocolate chip fudge, vanilla fudge, fudge with walnuts and white russian fudge. But no clam fudge. Huh. So we have a plan! We are going to open a fudge shop on Mackinac! And sell clam fudge! And chocolate covered clam fudge, and peanut butter clam fudge and and and...!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Woo hoo! We have been everywhere! We went to Mackinac Island! It was cool! We had to take a boat to go there. On our way, we saw a bat! Look at him. Too bad he was sleeping and we couldn't talk to him much.

Oh well. But then we went off to Mackinac Island - it's really called Mack-in-naw. Funny spelling! We can spell better than that!!

There was cool stuff on our trip. On the boat, we went fast! Our whiskers blew in the wind! Whee hee!!! The boat went over a lake - some big lake! Sure is bigger than the otter pond. We went for a dip.... ch-ch-chilly!!

We like the boat. Here's one that we're going to save up to buy. It might take awhile. Right now though, between us, we have... $1.03. But these things add up!