Friday, April 03, 2009

We're back!!

Wow - it has been a loooooong time! We're back now on the Interwebs and life is better than ever. We'll try our best to catch you up with everything that has happened, but it might be a bit tough.

Let's see, really quick....
Oh okay! Valentine's Day was last!! Dang, that was like a year ago! Uh okay, so then we uh, oh we went to Jekyll Island!

Doesn't that sound creepy? We were there with Ann for a work thing and it rained a lot... but this picture was pretty.

We did get some good clams. We remember that. :-)

Well, we don't remember too much else cause it was all overshadowed by... MOVING AGAIN!
Yep, we're not down South anymore. Nope. Not now.
We are back in Michigan!
Can you believe it?
Yup. Believe it. Yeah.

Ann packed up again and told us that we were moving back to Michigan and JM was coming to help. Sweet. He was wonderful and drove a BIG truck to get us back there.
We put everything in the truck, even the car Tammy! Well, she was on the back.

We left good old Georgia and waved goodbye to the apartment and the pool!!! Ah we will miss the pool!!! It was nice and warm when we left GA, but we'd only driven so far until....

SNOW! Snow in Tennessee! Can you Believe it! We were so cold and so unprepared! We had to stop for the night.

Ok, we'll give you more on our journey north later. Right now, it's good to be back on the interwebs!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Bernie wants to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! Don't eat all the chocolate at once!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome to Webkinz!

This is our new friend Bernie!

He also came to join us for Christmas (although he can't fit in our car). But Bernie is a Webkinz, and he has a whole world of friends on the internet!!! Kinda like our blogging, but different. He is a puppydog Saint Bernard, so when he grows up, he will be SO SO BIG.

He's lots of fun, and we are enjoying the chance to show him stuff, and enjoy California with him.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Zoom Zoom!!!

This is the best Christmas EVER!!!!
We got a CAR! We have been wanting a car for Sooooo long!!!
She's a Mini Cooper with a radio and great speed!! Zoom zoom!!!!!
Just wait til we show you the video!
Thank you thank you Fr Christmas!!! We must have been soo good! This is sooooo cool!!!
Yeah! Life is a highway!

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Quick Stopover

Wow! We are on our way to the holiday travels! Time for a quick stop to MI and the snow! And guess what!! We were able to go to the Detroit Zoo and see some friends!

We also got to see JM, of course, and enjoy the snow. Georgia has been fun, but it sure is nice to have real hot chocolate when it's actually cold! We also got to eat lots of cookies. Yummy!!! So now we are ready to make our way to CALIFORNIA baby!!!

Time to catch the rays, catch up with the fam, and see if we can catch some waves! Yup, it's still surfing weather. Oh yeah. So we're racking up the frequent flier miles and looking after Ann while she relaxes on vacation. Life is good.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

We are all set for the holidays!! We have put up our stockings (and climbed into them!) and put up our tree! It's HUGE!!! For us. Yeah. Huge.

See our toucan on the tree? He's from Costa Rica. He came back with us. He's cool. :-)

We have been baking too!!! Lots of cookies and stuff! Yummy! The whole place smells good. Here we are, with Santa Bear and Humphrey!! First Christmas in the South!! YAY!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Holidays are Coming!!!

And we wanted to share a few of our favourite Holiday moments with you from the good times we've shared with Bear at the Big Blue House! Yup! Do you have your reindeer wreath?

Pip & Pop: "It's a reindeer wreath!"

Bear: "Oh! A wreath for a reindeer! What a great idea! But... what's with all the stuff?"

Pip & Pop: "Oh! It's the coool things reindeer like!"

Pip: "Like, some apples in case they get hungry..."

Pop: "And a tennis ball, in case they wanna play catch."

Pip: "Yeah, cause you never know."

Hee hee. And how is the Christmas shopping? We know it is hard.

Tutter: "What do you get the bear who has everything?"

Treelo: "Bear has everything?"

Pip: "Well, he has a swing in the living room."

Pop: "I'd say that's everything!"

Pip: "Yeah."

Pop: "Yeah."